from which they return hyped and much more knowledgeable. In recent years we’ve been creating training experiences so amazing, that organizations across the world are reporting that 'people are lining up to learn'. From highly gamified interactive training scenarios brought to life using advanced Virtual Reality technology, through thrilling escape room adventures, to all-encompassing cyber week applications; all of our experiences encourage people to take in content and learn as they play.

In today’s dynamic reality, everyone thinks fast, and moves even faster. Now, since the ‘boomers’ have seen it all, and for ‘millennials’ excitement is expected, we see it as our role to make the ordinary extraordinary. Newledge is a cutting-edge corporate training company that leverages the most advanced experiential learning tools to help organization train their employees in various fields, mainly cyber awareness. We create unique virtual experiences, accessible through multiple channels, taking employees into virtual realities,

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